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Why NET could be a good first step for college hoops

Why NET could be a good first step for college hoops

Last week the NCAA announced it will no longer use the Ratings Percentage Index in selecting and seeding the NCAA tournament field. It was a big step, and the NCAA is to be commended for doing something it very plainly did not want to do for years. (Fine, make that years and years and years.) Well done.

In place of the RPI, we now have the NCAA Evaluation Tool, or the NET. In the NCAA’s words, the new metric “relies on game results, strength of schedule, game location, scoring margin, net offensive and defensive efficiency and the quality of wins and losses.”

That sounds straightforward enough, and, by and large, the coaches I’ve spoken with this week seem cautiously optimistic about this strange new post-RPI world we now inhabit.

Under the old set of rules still in play last spring, for instance, the NCAA passed over Nebraska and its 13-5 Big Ten record due to a perceived lack of quality wins. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to find that head coach Tim Miles is open to a new way of evaluating teams.

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